The DVD explains the technique in more detail than I can here. However, Flexi-Strand has a product we call The Crown because it is applied to the crown area of your head. It is used to complete a full head hair style as well as create a short style
    Flexi-Strand is a innovative No Sew No Glue Alternative hair extension system. It has only been on the market to the general public for a short time. As demand increases we will consider other markets.
    A. Training is for any Licensed Stylists, Professional Braiders and Cosmetology Students
    A. Flexi-Strand is a unique No Sew No Glue hair extension system that allows hair extensions to be applied in less time and without the need for chemicals that may harm the natural hair.
    A. Flexi-Strand will continually review the overall demand for our product and services. We are looking forward to new opportunities to provide high quality product to our customers.
    A. Direct from Flexi-Strand, or one of its Retailers, or if youíre not a stylist ask your favorite stylist about adding Flexi-Strand the their list of services.
    A. Flexi-Strand can only be purchase online or by the professional braider, stylist or through one of our Retailers. The weave is finished (Full Head) with Our own Patented Crown base/skin crown package.
    A. Flexi-Strand extension are made of high quality Human Hair and the synthetic is our own Multi-Blend of hair weave. The Multi-Blend is heat resistance to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you can flat iron it and/or roll set it (no more than 230 degrees Fahrenheit that's 110 degrees Celsius).
    A. Flexi-Strand can only be purchase by the licensed stylist through one of our Retailers. The weave is finished (Full Head) with Our own Patented Crown weave package.
    A. Flexi-Strand extension are made of Human hair and the our own Multi-Blend of synthetic hair weave. The Multi-Blend is heat resistance to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you can flat iron it and/or roll set it (no more than 230 degrees Fahrenheit that's 110 degrees Celsius)
    A. We recommend it be replaced after 4-6 weeks of uses, for the maintenance of your own hair. And the hair extension maybe reused*
    A. It may seem to be at first, until you use it and see for yourself how quickly it can be applied, how it can be ashed, blow dried, flat ironed, roller set up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.
    A. You don't have to be Certified to use Flexi-Strand. You can buy the DVD and the hair or one of the starter kits.However if you are a professional who plans to add Flexi-Strand as a service you will be providing to you clients, we recommend the 4Day Hand-On WorkShop. The workshop offers training in Flexi-Strand's braiding unique patterns, cutting and styling techniques, marketing tips, ads on Flexi-Strand's website etc. The certification is for those that want to be listed as an Authorized Provider of Flexi-Strand.
    A. I understand, not everybody will want to use Flex-Strand. Flexi-Strand just provides a alternative to some of the other more aggressive processes on the market. I've been using Flexi-Strand for a few years when I first got it my hair was just barely long enough to braid (I had a very short cut) now my hair is about 5-6 long and as thick as ever.
    A. If your hair is long enough to french or cornroll its long enough for Flexi-Strand. One base and one crown package will cover a full head hair style.
    A. There is no bulkiness because the braids are thin.
    A. Yes, you can wear it up.
    A. It can be styled up, down, curly, or straight, you can even do a ponytail like the one on the video or higher. (Flexi-Strand is only limited by the users imagination and styling skill level)
    A. Flexi-Strand won't cause scalp damage... however, someone who grasps and twist the hair to tightly may.
    A. This system has a crown piece that is used to close a full head and crown only style. It comes as a standard crown or a skin crown that can be parted and is braided in with three or five braids. It can be worn alone for short styles or with the base piece for a full head style.
    A. We have an DVD for $29.95 or a Practice Pak which includes the DVD and enough hair extension to do a full head style for $99.95
    A. With Flexi-Strand Skin Crown closer packages you will be able to part your hair anywhere within its area.
    A...in that case you would do as you would do with any other hair extension...
    A. yes
    A. Yes, you can shampoo Flexi-Strand's Multi-Blend and the Human Hair Extensions. And, Yes you can have a afro/natural textured hair as long as your hair is long enough to French braid/corn roll. Also, you can flat and roller set it up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.
    A. Yes you can...I have been wearing it for about 2 years and it is very comfortable.

    A. Yes, you can wash Flexi-Strand, You can blow dry Flexi-Strand, Yes, You Can up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. With Flexi-Strand you can also flat iron, you can even conair roller set Flexi-strand up to 230 Degrees Fahrenheit
    A. To close the top you'll use the Flex-Strand Crown unit
    A. No, Flexi-Strand can be used on any hair that is long enough and the hair texture is such that the natural hair can be french braided or corn rolled.
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Please take a look at past events that have taken the world of hairstyling by storm. Seminars , Workshops, Hair Shows ,one-to-one tuitions. Join us and become a Flexi Strand authorized stylist whether you will enjoy Flexi Strand styles for yourself or to apply to friends, family or clients....Flexi Strand is for everybody!

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This revolutionary, new system is simply combed and braided into the natural hair, with no sewing, glue, chemicals, fusion, interlock or tree-braids. Whether the natural hair is healthy or damaged, natural or relaxed, coarse or thinning, Flexi-Strand is an excellent choice.

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Coming up very soon is the first UK authorized Flexi Strand Shop. With capable hands of expert hairdressers we will be able to fix you with amazing styles. Our vast range of hair allow you and all authorized stylists to choose the right suitable hair style for you.

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